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What is your profession?

My business card says ‘Commercial Director’ , which in plain and simple words means that I’m managing the front end of IT Next.

What is it you love about your work the most?

The most beautiful aspect of this alternating job is the people I come across..

How would you describe your greatest passion?

My greatest passion is process improvement. An App for marketing purposes is fun, but making a company completely paperless has a cool long term effect.

Why do you buy your tailor made clothing with Tessuto Divino?

Willem always advises me in a very pleasant way. 1.5 Years ago it started off by advising me a jacket ‘with a twist’ , a somewhat different jacket compared to my usual pick. That one is my favourite jacket now…

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What is your profession?

Doing business on a personal level, advising uncorruptibly in the financial domain.

What is it you love about your work the most?

Helping people realising their dreams..

How would you describe your greatest passion?

Family, my children and fine arts.

Why do you buy your tailor made clothing with Tessuto Divino?

Life is to short to be wearing bad suits.

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What is your profession?

In my professional life I’m a corporate lawyer, specialised in the legal aspects of merges and acquisitions. My day-to-day practice  comprises  advising companies regarding deals and their everyday business.

What is it you love about your work the most?

The common theme in my business is that it requires brainwork and the capacity to troubleshoot.

How would you describe your greatest passion?

Without a doubt my family. Besides I like to find an objective and dedicate myself to it.

Why do you buy your tailor made clothing with Tessuto Divino?

Tessuto Divino delivers beautiful and high standard products, als the founder Willem Marten is a nice guy. Tailor made by Tessuto Divino is exactly what I’m looking for in suits and shirts. I don’t wear anything else.

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What is your profession?

My activities comprise on one hand trade in oil related products, on the other hand buying and selling of real estate.

What is it you love about your work the most?

To  work with tangible products like oil and bricks.

How would you describe your greatest passion?

I’m very interested in things that represent craftmanship and quality.

Why do you buy your tailor made clothing with Tessuto Divino?

The comfort of not being forced to go to town and shop there. Willem provides me of good advises in my office. At the same time there is no way I fit ready to wear.

Fashion says me too. Style says, only me.
Samuel Goldwyn 1882-1974
American movie producer (founder MGM filmstudio)


Tessuto Divino means consistency in the perfect fit, personal appeal and desired comfort.

Bespoke tailoring means a unique pattern. Exclusively made and secured for you. We take your measurements with the utmost accuracy, also translating your posture into the garments.
The choices in options are nearly unlimited. Therefore no concessions in optics and comfort.

Aversity to fashion trends. We are interested in people, not in window dummies. For Tessuto Divino a successful advise includes you feeling happy in our tailor-made clothing.

We believe the best fabrics come from Italy and Great Britain and buttons should be made from real mother of pearl. ‘Bespoke’ means traditional production, full canvas interlining, scrawl stitching and removable whalebones.


Why do we strive for perfection?  Because it suits us – literally.  At Tessuto Divino we love being challenged. We are continuously improving technique and process in our quest to make the perfect suit, shirt and tie.

That’s why we offer made-to measure. We can help fulfill your desire exactly to your specification without concession.

About us

Willem Marten’s passion has been in creating made-to measure clothing since 1999. Willem has developed a deep experience and understanding in bespoke tailoring. He started Tessuto Divino in 2005, and was later joined by his father and a rare family tradition was established.

This distinguishes Tessuto Divino. She looks forward but has strong values and upholds tradition. These same principles are reflected in our work. Contemporary, with a sense of history. Tessuto Divino is family – a personal brand. Choosing Tessuto Divino means choosing trust without compromise – this goes to the core or our values.

Like son, like father.
Willem Marten
eigenaar en oprichter van Tessuto Divino


You make an appointment with your personal tailor, Willem Marten:

  • Acquaintance and introduction Tessuto Divino
  • Selection of your fabrics
  • Choice of your personal details
  • Determine the appropriate model options
  • Size measurement
  • Delivery in 4-6 weeks


Tessuto Divino is well experienced in creating corporate clothing. Because of our diligence in personal tailoring, we can dress your company or event in a suitable and original way – our purchasing starts from only two pieces.

We can provide the comprehensive process of development, production and delivery of your corporate fashion line. Our ambition is to translate the ‘corporate identity’ of your organisation into a distinguished corporate fashion collection. The focus is on fashion and delivering a unique and comfortable collection for you and your employees – with a keen eye for detail, quality and durability.



Would you like to be introduced to Tessuto Divino and get acquainted with her beautiful fabrics and materials?
Don’t worry about traffic jams, finding a parking space, the rain or a busy agenda. Whether you’re sitting in your office or at home on the couch, we’ll visit you.
We believe by taking the time to listen to you, we can provide you with the best personal advice.  After all, the beautiful things in life always begin with a spark of interest.


Tessuto Divino

Albert Cuypstraat 189-3
1073 BD Amsterdam

+31 (0) 2 07372837