Winning in wool trousers

During the first modern Olympics in 1896 in Athens the 100 m sprint was won by the American Thomas Burke, in 12 seconds. That is 2,5 seconds slower than Usian Bolt, the current holder of the world record. They had one thing in common though, they both wore a tailor made suit.

Most sprinters wore wool trousers those days. Not particularly the most comfortable and sporty outfit possible. Later on people started realising that with certain specific tailor made suits one would run a lot faster than with others. The differences between sporters became smaller and smaller and they realised that the appropriate suit could mean the difference between winning and losing.

In swimming the sporters took it so far with the special tailor made suits a few years ago that certain suits were even forbidden, because the suit had too much impact on the result.

It’s pretty clear that the right clothing can make a difference. Not only in sports but as wel in business or in your private life. Of course, like in sports, in the end it only counts who you are and what you really can, but the right suit can just give you that little extra. Not only because other people will see the difference, but as well because you feel better in clothing you love, and that shows.

Clothing suited for you, and suited for the occasion, can have a great influence on how you feel. This could be a linen shirt for the summer holidays or a woolen tailor made suit for the winters. I admit, you might not win the 100 meters sprint with it, but in other occasions it might mean the difference between winning silver or gold.

Willem Marten
Personal tailor