No offence Barack, but John F. Kennedy is said to have been the most stylish president of the United Stated to date. Even after so many years his style still inspires many men.


For example his slim-cut Brooks Brothers suits in black and charcoal. These are such a part of his fashion legacy that Brooks Brothers resurrected the cut and style John F. Kennedy enjoyed by re-introducing his look and naming it The Fitzgerald in 2007.

An other famous fashion moment is that of JFK on a Massachusetts beach with his khakis rolled up above his ankles to walk in the surf, a cotton navy sweater and his Wayfarer sunglasses. This is the look he preferred in his time away from world affairs.

John F. Kennedy was as well the last American icon publicly wearing morning dress when he was inaugurated as President in 1961. Obama wore a normal suit.

And for some special evening and even daytime affairs Obama wears a tuxedo, which is a complete taboo in the UK, to wear a tuxedo for daytime affairs. That’s why they call a tuxedo an evening dress in the UK.

So why is it called a tuxedo in the United States? Tuxedo takes it’s name from Tuxedo Park, a village in Orange County, New York in the United States. Tuxedo park was developed as a resort for blue blood society in 1885 by Pierre Lorillard IV.  And a tuxedo was said to have been worn for the first time in the United States at the Autumn Ball of the Tuxedo Club, which still exists today.

I don’t think you are planning to be President of the Unites States or that you will attend the Autumn Ball of the Tuxedo club soon (only because it’s not autumn yet of course). But with Christmas and New Years’ Evening coming up there are enough reasons to wear a tuxedo, or an evening dress, as you wish. But if you just feel like showing up at Christmas dinner with your khakis rolled up above your ankles, you should definitely do it too. As long as you have your own style, like John F. Kennedy, you will be remembered.

Willem Marten
Personal tailor